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Mounds Funeral Homes

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    Mounds is also known as: Pulaski County / Mounds city.


    Mounds is located at 37°6′53″N 89°11′57″W / 37. 11472°N 89. 19917°W / 37. 11472; -89. 19917 (37. 114838, -89. 199030). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 1. 2 square miles (3. 1 km), all land. The town was named for the prehistoric monumental earthwork mounds in the area, likely built by the Mississippian culture about 1000 CE. Mound building had started earlier, before the Common Era, but Mississippian sites were located throughout the Lower Mississippian Valley and the tributaries of the river, as along the Ohio River. European-Americans settled southern Illinois by traveling along the Ohio River, mostly from the states of Kentucky and Tennessee, and other of the Upper South. At one time this area of the state was called "Little Dixie" because of the preponderance of southerners. Because Illinois entered the union as a free state, African-American slaves sometimes escaped to it across the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to freedom, sometimes traveling as far as Canada to ensure they evaded slave catchers. Other blacks settled in the area in the...

    There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Mounds, Illinois.

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All Funeral Homes in Mounds

Barkett Funeral Home
501 1st St Send flowers
Mounds, IL 62964


Massie Funeral Home
429 Oakley Ln Send flowers
Mounds, IL 62964

Massie Funeral Home
1001 Washington Ave Send flowers
Mounds, IL 62964