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What To Do When Someone Dies: Debts and Bills
What To Do When Someone Dies: Debts and Bills

Few people die with every bit of their financial affairs in order even if they left a will or went through substantial funeral pre-planning. That's because most Americans live on a delicate balance of money... more »

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Cedar Lake Funeral Homes

  • Location in the state of Indiana


    Cedar Lake is also known as: Lake County / Cedar Lake town.


    Cedar Lake was settled by pioneers in the mid-19th century and by 1870, the Cedar Lake Post Office was established, giving the area its name. After the Monon Railroad came to the lake's western shore in 1882, many new residents flocked to the area along with tourists who saw the lake as a resort destination. From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Cedar Lake was a popular place for Chicagoans looking for a retreat from the city. The lake had over 50 hotels at the time and several pavilions and ballrooms that brought many well-known bands to entertain the visitors. Cedar Lake is located at 41°22′2″N 87°26′18″W / 41. 36722°N 87. 43833°W / 41. 36722; -87. 43833 (41. 367234, -87. 438326). According to the 2010 census, the town has a total area of 9. 61 square miles (24. 9 km), of which 8. 22 square miles (21. 3 km) (or 85. 54%) is land and 1. 39 square miles (3. 6 km) (or 14. 46%) is water. The lake, which is the largest natural lake in northwest Indiana, appears to have...

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All Funeral Homes in Cedar Lake

Burdan Funeral Home Incorporated
12901 Wicker Ave Send flowers
Cedar Lake, IN 46303


Eller-Brady Funeral Home Incorporated
8510 Lake Shore Dr Send flowers
Cedar Lake, IN 46303