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Rooms in a Traditional Funeral Home
Rooms in a Traditional Funeral Home

One thing that almost all funeral homes have in common is that they are large, elaborate structures built in the traditional style. From historic brick facades and marble pillars to classic Victorian dcor, the funeral home setting is designed to provide comfort to the family as well as serve a functional purpose.Most funeral homes are these large, mansion-like structures not to be awe-inspiring, but because it is necessary to have ample space for all the services and products offered here. In addition, older funeral homes might even have a living space upstairs for the family, since... more »

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Sullivan Funeral Homes

There are currently 4 funeral home listings for the city of Sullivan, Indiana. Looking for Sullivan cemeteries?

All Funeral Homes in Sullivan

Alexander Kean Funeral Home
211 S Main St Send flowers
Sullivan, IN 47882


Banks & Brust Funeral Home
400 N Court St Send flowers
Sullivan, IN 47864


Center Ridge Cemetery
704 W Johnson St Send flowers
Sullivan, IN 47864


Holmes Memorial Chapel
Silver St Send flowers
Sullivan, IN 47882