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Young-Nichols Funeral Home

216 W Jefferson St
Tipton, IN 46072
Phone: (765) 675-4780
Fax: (765) 675-7799
E-mail: info@young-nichols.com
Website: http://www.young-nichols.com/

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About Young-Nichols Funeral Home

Mr. Young decided to go into business for himself and in 1852 he rented a log cabin. He became the first undertaker in Tipton and made all of his own coffins. When a family had a death, they would measure the deceased and bring Mr. Young the string measurement for the size of the coffin. Along with the undertaking business, William Young continued to make cabinets and other household furniture. This was a common practice in many communities.

Services offered by Young-Nichols Funeral Home

We offer a complete line of funeral services - from direct cremation or immediate burial to a traditional funeral service with visitation.

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Young-Nichols Funeral Home is located 0.39 miles from downtown Tipton.


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