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What Happens When a Loved One Dies in Prison?
What Happens When a Loved One Dies in Prison?

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  • Location of La Cygne in Kansas


    La Cygne is also known as: Linn County / La Cygne city.


    La Cygne (pronounced luh SEEN) is a city situated along the Marais des Cygnes River in the northeast part of Linn County, located in East Central Kansas, in the Central United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 1,149. The city is named after the Marais des Cygnes River which is a French translation of an Osage appellation meaning "marsh of the swans". La Cygne was founded in 1869 as soon as the people were assured of the building of a track for the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad. A town company was organized and purchased 1,400 acres (5. 7 km) of land, but had only 140 acres (0. 57 km) laid out as a town site. La Cygne was incorporated on January 14, 1870, and a board of trustees was appointed. In the fall of that year the town had grown so that it had inhabitants enough to organize as a city of the third class, and F. A. Foote was elected the first mayor. The first school was taught in 1869 in Cady's hall. It was a private subscription school and was kept open until 1870, when the public school house was built. It was a commodious two-story brick building containing the graded and high schools. The Methodist church organized in 1870 and soon after built a...

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    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of La Cygne, Kansas.

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  • Brody Eldridge (american football player) was born in La Cygne.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Brody Eldridge (american football player).

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Coffel-Schneider Funeral Home
202 N 4th St Send flowers
La Cygne, KS 66040