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Cemeteries throughout American History
Cemeteries throughout American History

Choosing a cemetery is an important part of the funeral planning process. Unlike a casket or funeral clothes, which remain underground and eventually decay, the gravestone and cemetery are the visible and... more »

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Manhattan Funeral Homes

There are currently 5 funeral home listings for the city of Manhattan, Kansas. Looking for Manhattan cemeteries?

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Manhattan is home to the Kansas State University. The university is the employs a large percentage of the population of Manhattan and has an annual attendance of 23,520 students. The university is not only known for its impressive academic attributes but also its athletics. The university is home to Wildcats. Students and residents alike show unwavering support for the KSU sports teams and are said to "Bleed purple."

All Funeral Homes in Manhattan

Conroy Funeral Home
1317 Poyntz Ave Send flowers
Manhattan, KS 66502


Irvin-Parkview Funeral Home
1317 Poyntz Ave Send flowers
Manhattan, KS 66506


Manhattan Sunrise Cemetery
2901 Stagg Hill Rd Send flowers
Manhattan, KS 66505

Memorial Art Company
1600 Fairchild Ave Send flowers
Manhattan, KS 66506


Valley View Memorial Gardens
501 Bluemont Ave Send flowers
Manhattan, KS 66506