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Colorado Coffin Races
Colorado Coffin Races

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Portland Funeral Homes

There are currently 7 funeral home listings for the city of Portland, Maine. Looking for Portland cemeteries?

Whether you are planning a funeral, or researching green funerals iMortuary can help you to locate the funeral services in Portland that you are searching for. Browse our listings below to locate the cemeteries, funeral homes, cremation providers, funeral flower arrangers, as well as a host of other funeral providers.

The residents of Portland have persevered through tough times in their history. The city has been through four large scale fires. One of the most devastating ones was in 1866. It began on the 4th of July and destroyed most of the businesses, half of the churches and 100's of homes. Portland has the motto "I will rise again", and a phoenix is depicted on the city's seal.

All Funeral Homes in Portland

A Dignified Cremation & Funeral
Send flowers
Portland, ME 04103

A.T. Hutchins Funeral and Cremation Services
660 Brighton Ave. Send flowers
Portland, ME 04102


Brooklawn Memorial Park
2002 Congress St Send flowers
Portland, ME 04124


Conroy-Tully Funeral Home
172 State St Send flowers
Portland, ME 04116


Evergreen Cemetery
672 Stevens Ave Send flowers
Portland, ME 04103


Jewish Funeral Home
471 Deering Ave Send flowers
Portland, ME 04102

Jones Rich & Hutchins Funeral
199 Woodford St Send flowers
Portland, ME 04102