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What to Wear to a Funeral: Dressing Your Kids for a Funeral

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Adams Funeral Homes

  • Hoosic River


    Adams contains: Renfrew Mill No. 2 and Mount Greylock.


    Nathan Jones purchased the township of East Hoosac at auction in 1762 from the state for £3,200. The town was officially incorporated in 1778 as Adams, named in honor of Samuel Adams, revolutionary leader, signer of the Declaration of Independence and later governor. Much of the land had been subdivided into 100-acre (0. 40 km) and 200-acre (0. 81 km) lots. These were mostly farms with frontage on the Hoosic River, which over time would provide water power for woolen, cotton, lumber and plastic mills. First settled in 1737, North Adams was originally part of Adams until the town split in 1878. Although there has never been a town of South Adams, the name was used prior to 1878 to specify the southern part of the town that had long had two primary centers, and survives in the name of the South Adams Savings Bank, which was incorporated in 1869. Early settlers in the 1760s included a group of Quakers, many of whom came together from Smithfield, Rhode Island. The Quaker civil rights leader, abolitionist...

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    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Stacy Schiff (historian and journalist).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: North Adams Transcript.

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All Funeral Homes in Adams

Adams Cemetery Department
8 Park St Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220


Bellevue Memorials
146 Bellevue Ave Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220


Mc Bride Funeral Service
6 Liberty St Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220


Paciorek Funeral Home
13 Hoosac St Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220


Town of Adams Cemetery Department
149 Bellevue Ave Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220

Trottier Pringle Funeral Home
6 N Summer St Send flowers
Adams, MA 01220

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