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Carroll-Thomas Funeral Home

22 Oak St
Hyde Park, MA 02136
Phone: (617) 361-0380
Fax: (617) 361-6150
Website: http://hydepark.thomasfuneralhomes.com/

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About Carroll-Thomas Funeral Home

Carroll-Thomas Funeral Home in Hyde Park has been family owned and operated for over sixty years and three generations. When Alexander F. Thomas Sr. first came to Boston in 1932, to attend medical school, he began apprenticing with the owners of the Carroll Funeral Home, Michael Carroll and his wife Mary. After the passing of Mr. Carroll, Alexander renamed the funeral home Carroll-Thomas and continued to operate it with his sons until he passed away in 1999.

Services offered by Carroll-Thomas Funeral Home

What is most important is that we truly are a family. We have experienced sickness, troubles and sadness like your family. We care deeply and take pride in what we do every day. We are a family that works together as a team, from who does the floral arrangements, to styling hair, we all work together. We watch out for one another and take pride in our community, from the baseball team to the church that we worship in. Our father would be proud of his children and their children and someday their children, for this will always be a family business.

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Carroll-Thomas Funeral Home is located 0.27 miles from downtown Hyde Park.


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