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Planning an Outdoor Memorial Service
Planning an Outdoor Memorial Service

The majority of funeral and memorial services are held indoors. Although many people opt to include an outdoor gravesite service in addition to a more formal indoor event, the most traditional funeral planning... more »

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    Paxton was first settled in 1749 and was officially incorporated in 1765. The town of Paxton was originally taken from the towns of Leicester and Rutland, in nearly equal parts, and was incorporated February 12, 1765. It then received its name from Charles Paxton, a "Commissioner of the Customs". The inhabitants soon commenced their plan for building a meeting house, and on the first day of April, 1765, the town voted to build it. It was raised on the 18th day of June, 1766, and this is the frame of the present meeting house. In 1766, within two years of the incorporation of the town, the foundation of the present meeting house was laid, on what is now the common, near the flag staff. The land was given by Seth Howe, from a piece of his pasture. David Davis went to Boston with a pair of oxen and drew to Paxton the bell now in use, which was made by Paul Revere. According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 15. 5 square miles (40 km), of which 14. 7 square miles (38 km) is land and 0. 7 square miles (1. 8 km), or 4. 78%, is water. It is bounded on...

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H & R Memorial Sales
217 Richards Ave Send flowers
Paxton, MA 01612

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