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How Does Human Cremation Differ from Pet Cremation?

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  • Addison Village Hall and Library Michigan


    Addison is also known as: Lenawee County / Addison village.


    0 square mile (2. 6 km), of which, 1. 0 square mile (2. 6 km) of it is land and 0. 04 square miles (0. 10 km) of it (2. 97%) is water. most of the population is in the down town part of addison. In 1834, when John Talbot settled along a winding creek in the infancy of southeast Michigan’s history, the area was a vast forest, dotted with clear blue lakes and occupied by the Potawatomi. With the raising of a simple grist mill along Bean Creek around December 1835, Addison’s history was started, operating under the settlement name “Manetue”. Having failed to secure a spot along the river that provided enough water power to run his mill, Talbot dismantled the settlement and moved to the present location of Addison, and by the fall of 1836, milling operations restarted. The town was renamed “Peru” by 1838, and over the next generation would be given several other monikers before...

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    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: The Addison Courier.

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Brown-Van Hemert Funeral Homes
122 N Steer St Send flowers
Addison, MI 49220

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