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Funeral Planning: Online Wills

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  • Location of Armada, Michigan


    Armada is also known as: Macomb County / Armada village.


    The 2008 Census Bureau Estimate places the population at 1,657. Sportscaster Dick Enberg grew up in Armada. A country fair is held in the village each August. The first record of land purchased in the area that became Armada Township was made by John Proctor in 1825. Twenty-three more families had bought land in the area by 1832. Until 1832 the area was part of Ray Township. At that time a meeting was called to organize a separate township. When the discussion of a name for the new township came up, legend says that "Hosea Northrup jumped up and shouted the name 'Armada'". The name was accepted. The meaning of the name is a mystery to this day. The village, originally known as Burke's Corners, was founded by Elijah Burke in 1833. The village began to prosper when the old Indian trail, known today as Armada Ridge Road, was laid out as a roadway in the early 1830s. The road soon became part of the immigrant road network between Romeo and Port...

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Tiffany-Young & Hauss Funeral
73919 Fulton St Send flowers
Armada, MI 48005

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