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Funeral Planning and Decision Fatigue
Funeral Planning and Decision Fatigue

Its no secret that planning a funeral is a mentally exhausting task. Most people charged with the task of burying a loved one are already reeling from an overflow of emotion, and when you add the need to make... more »

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  • Location of Comstock Park, Michigan


    Comstock Park is also known as: Kent County / Comstock Park CDP.

    Comstock Park contains: Fifth Third Ballpark.

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  • History

    Comstock Park is a census-designated place located in Plainfield Township, Kent County, Michigan near the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. Plainfield Township, with a population of 30,195 as of the 2000 census, makes up most of Comstock Park. As it is defined, Comstock Park's population is approximately 10,674. "The Park", as it is often referred to, sits approximately 7 miles (11 km) north of downtown Grand Rapids. The area is notorious for the flooding it experiences every spring from the Grand River, which cuts through the eastern side of Comstock Park. It's not unusual to witness residents wading through knee-deep water to get to their homes along the river. Comstock Park is the home of the West Michigan Whitecaps, an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Established as "North Park" by Daniel North. Name changes to "Mill Creek. " Becomes a major transportation hub, serving both the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad and Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad, and sets the tone for becoming the northern Grand Rapids-area crossroads it is today. Renamed "Comstock Park" after Charles C. Comstock, who represented the district in Congress from 1885-1886. Comstock Park Public...

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