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Obituaries and Identity Theft
Obituaries and Identity Theft

For most people, obituaries are a way to pay a tribute to a loved one and to advertise the time and place of a memorial service. Great time and care is taken to write the obituary in a way that honors the... more »

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    Grayling is also known as: Crawford County / Grayling city.


    Grayling is situated within Grayling Township, though it is politically independent. It is located in the middle of Northern Michigan. The highways make it the natural 'gateway' to much of "up north," as locals and many visitors would call it. 4 km) north of the confluence of two major north-south freeways: I-75 and US 127, and the junction with M-72, an east-west cross-peninsular state highway route. As of the census of 2000, there were 1,952 people, 828 households, and 481 families residing in the city. The population density was 972. 1 per square mile (375. 0/km²). There were 895 housing units at an average density of 445. 7 per square mile (171. 9/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 96. 88% White, 0. 51% African American, 0. 87% Native American, 0. 77% Asian, 0. 15% from other races, and 0. 82% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1. 54% of the population. There were 828 households out of which...

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  • Luke Jensen (tennis player and  coach) was born in Grayling.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Luke Jensen (tennis player and coach).

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Sorenson Funeral Home
1108 E North Down River Rd Send flowers
Grayling, MI 49738

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