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Should You Take Out a Funeral Loan?

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  • Location of Marysville, Michigan


    Marysville is also known as: St. Clair County / Marysville city.


    The municipality was founded in 1919, first as a village, and then later a city in 1924. Mayrysville is located on the western shore of the St. Clair River, across from Corunna, Ontario. The city is marked by winding streets, subdivisions, a riverfront boardwalk, and a vibrant industrial park. The city was home to the former Wills Sainte Claire Automotive company. Marysville traces its history back to 1786 when Antoin Morass built a sawmill at Bunce Creek. Later, in 1817, Zephania W. Bunce sailed up the St. Clair River and settled at the place of the mill, naming it Bunce Creek. This would later become the current property of the Detroit Edison Power Plant. He later became postmaster and a Michigan Legislator. Meanwhile, two businessmen, Meldrum & Park, founded a sawmillmill in 1792 at the location now known as Carleton Creek. This settlement was located in the southern part of current day Marysville, two streets are named after them. Colonel Andrew Mack, a native of Detorit, bought Meldrum and Park's mill begun and built his home along the St. Clair River. Colonel...

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  • Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Chad Billins (ice hockey player).

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