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Funeral Planning: The Realities of Cremation
Funeral Planning: The Realities of Cremation

If youre considering cremation as a funeral planning option for yourself or a loved one, its important to have all the facts first. Although cremation is growing in popularity as a low-cost and environmentally-friendly way to say goodbye to those we love, it isnt mainstream enough yet that the details of the process are common knowledgeespecially as they relate to medical and spiritual issues.Who Can be Cremated?As long as there are no personal or religious restrictions, anyone can be cremated. However, depending on your situation, cremation may have to be delayed... more »

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There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Mc Bain, Michigan.

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Burkholder Funeral Home
212 E Maple St Send flowers
Mc Bain, MI 49657