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Maintaining Privacy at a Funeral
Maintaining Privacy at a Funeral

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    Ortonville is also known as: Oakland County / Ortonville village.


    Ortonville, a northern rural village in Oakland County, was founded in 1848 by Amos Orton, who built a dam across Kearsley Creek to furnish water power for his sawmill. The town was platted in 1866 and incorporated as a village in 1902. It is located about halfway between Pontiac and Flint. According to the census of 2010 the population of the village of Ortonville is 1,422. The population of Brandon Township is 15,175, and nearby Groveland Township is 5,476. Surrounding towns include Goodrich to the north, Oxford to the east, Clarkston to the south, and Holly to the west. Ortonville's primary public schools are Brandon Schools, in Brandon Township. Students are mostly Brandon and Groveland Township residents with a few from surrounding areas of northern Clarkston and eastern Oxford. Brandon High School is the home of the Blackhawks. The athletic teams compete in the Flint Metro League. The schools in the district are: As of the census of...

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    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Matt Lentz (american football player).

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Ortonville Cemetery
State Rd Send flowers
Ortonville, MI 48438


Sherman-Wilk Funeral Home
135 South St Send flowers
Ortonville, MI 48462