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Who Should Be in Charge of Funeral Planning: the Funeral Home or a Family Member?
Who Should Be in Charge of Funeral Planning: the Funeral Home or a Family Member?

In almost all cases in which you make financial arrangements during the funeral planning stages, it will be necessary to choose a beneficiary or executor. This will be the individual who spends whatever money... more »

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Riverview Funeral Homes

  • Location of Riverview, Michigan


    Riverview is also known as: Wayne County / Riverview city.


    The city is a suburb in the Metro Detroit area, located along the shore of the Detroit River. Riverview incorporated as a village in 1922 and as a city in 1959. There are rail lines through the city. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 4. 5 square miles (12 km), of which 4. 4 square miles (11 km) is land and 0. 1 square miles (0. 26 km), or 2. 65%, is water. The main road is Fort Street (M-85). In 1950 Riverview only stretched as far west as the western end of Trenton's two northern boundaries. The rest of what is today Riverview was still part of the unincorporated Monguagon Township at that point. In the 1950s and 1960s, during the Cold War, the Department of Defense (through the United States Army) operated Nike missile launch site D-54 on the site of what is now Young Patriot's Park. The IFC (integrated fire control) site was on the site of what is now Rivergate Nursing Home and Terrace. A Nike Hercules missile is on display at the former D-54/55 double Nike site. It was placed on display in the park that now occupies the...

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  • Bob Guiney (businessperson and  american football player) was born in Riverview.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Bob Guiney (businessperson and american football player).

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Ferndale Cemetery
14732 Sibley Rd Send flowers
Riverview, MI 48193