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Green Burial Casket Options

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    King City is also known as: Gentry County / King City city.


    John Pittsenbarger was the first European settler when he set up a tent in town in 1856. His application to name the town Petersburg was rejected because there was already a town of that name in Boone County, Missouri. According to local legend, the United States Postmaster General submitted his name. The Postmaster General at the time was Horatio King, (although the local history refers to Rufus King) The town became a stop on the St. Joseph and Des Moines Railway in 1878. The railway eventually became part of the Burlington Northern network and is currently abandoned. In the first half of the 20th century, King City was the heart of a Kentucky bluegrass seed harvesting region stretching from Kearney, Missouri through King City to Maitland, Missouri, which claimed to harvest more bluegrass seeds than the entire state of Kentucky with King City resident John Weller claiming to the be the "King of Blue Grass Raisers. ". Bluegrass seed production moved to the farming areas of the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s. In the 1990s, the Big Pump, a 25-foot (7. 6 m) high building...

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Gibson Funeral Home
101 Prospect St Send flowers
King City, MO 64463