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Funeral Planning: In Lieu of Flowers Gift Ideas
Funeral Planning: In Lieu of Flowers Gift Ideas

Sending funeral flowers to the funeral home or memorial service of a loved one is a great way to show your support. Long held as the standard in traditional funeral planning, flowers add a touch of elegance to... more »

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Falls City Funeral Homes

  • Location of Falls City, Nebraska


    Falls City is also known as: Richardson County / Falls City city.


    Falls City is located at 40°3′45″N 95°36′4″W / 40. 0625°N 95. 60111°W / 40. 0625; -95. 60111 (40. 062447, -95. 601173). According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 2. 6 square miles (6. 7 km), all of it land. Falls City was founded in the summer of 1857 by James Lane, John Burbank, J. E. Burbank and Isaac L. Hamby. The town is located on the north side of the Big Nemaha River. The river in 1857 had banks and bed of rock and stone. The town was located near where the river flowed over a four-foot rock ledge called the "Falls of Nemaha", for which the town was named. Over time the river has changed to the extent that the falls no longer exist. The town was a stop on the Underground Railroad for escaping slaves during the struggles resulting from the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Early in the city's history, it won a prolonged process to become the county seat of Richardson County. The county originally selected Salem, Nebraska to be the county seat, but due to Salem's lack of a suitable building site, a new...

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All Funeral Homes in Falls City

Dorr & Clark Funeral Home
2303 Harlan St Send flowers
Falls City, NE 68355


Hall Funeral Home
2403 Harlan St Send flowers
Falls City, NE 68355


Steele Cemetery
Rr 3 Send flowers
Falls City, NE 68355