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Leave Behind a Legacy
Leave Behind a Legacy

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Norfolk Funeral Homes

There are currently 6 funeral home listings for the city of Norfolk, Nebraska. Looking for Norfolk cemeteries?

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The settlement site of Norfolk was chosen by three scouts that were searching for potential farmland which could be acquired using the Homestead Act. The scouts originated in a German Lutheran town in Wisconsin. When they found the area of Norfolk, it suited their needs perfectly and soon they sent for the 42 families which would make up the initial town.

All Funeral Homes in Norfolk

Hillcrest Memorial Park
1105 Norfolk Ave Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701

Home for Funerals
103 N 18th St Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701

Home for Funerals
1203 W Norfolk Ave Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701

Howser-Fillmer Mortuary
901 N 13th St Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701


Johnson-Stonacek Funeral Chapell
910 Park Way Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701


Prospect Hill Cemetery Association
1105 Norfolk Ave Send flowers
Norfolk, NE 68701