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Funeral Services and Cemeteries in San Diego, CA
Funeral Services and Cemeteries in San Diego, CA

San Diego funeral homes are part of a long history of settlement and development in Southern California. In addition to a large military burial facility (due in large part to the prevalence of the U.S. Navy), there are several historical cemeteries that date back to the 1700s and 1800s, when Spanish settlers began making their mark.Whether you're interested in the funeral history of the area, or if you're looking at more modern funeral options for the recent loss of a loved one, there are plenty of funeral homes and cemeteries to visit here.El Campo Santo CemeteryEl Campo Santo... more »

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There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Western, Nebraska.

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Nuckolls Meyer Funeral Homes
208 W Sumac Send flowers
Western, NE 68464