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What To Do When Someone Dies: Online Accounts

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Mesquite Funeral Homes

  • Location of Mesquite, Nevada


    Mesquite is also known as: Clark County / Mesquite city.

    Mesquite tourist attractions include: Virgin Valley Heritage Museum.

    Mesquite contains: Virgin Valley Heritage Museum.

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  • The film 'Waitin' to Live' was filmed in Mesquite and released in 2006.

    Interesting Facts

    Mesquite has been featured in films like: Waitin' to Live (2006).

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  • Virgin Valley Heritage Museum


    The city is located in the Virgin River Valley. It is home to a growing retiree population, as well as several casino resorts and golf courses. Mesquite was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1880, who called it Mesquite Flat. The community was finally established on the third attempt after having been flooded out from the waters of the Virgin River. The name was later shortened to Mesquite and the city was incorporated in May 1984. Mesquite, like nearby Bunkerville, had its origins in farming. The Peppermill Mesquite casino, which opened in the 1970s, drove Mesquite’s diversified economy. The city incorporated in 1984 and established a master development plan during the early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, more casinos opened. By 2006, Mesquite was one of the fastest-growing small towns in the United States, though the late-2000s recession led to the closure of both the Mesquite Star and Oasis casinos. As of the census of 2000, there were 9,389 people, 3,498 households, and 2,571...

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Virgin Valley Mortuary
320 E Old Mill Rd Send flowers
Mesquite, NV 89024