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    The primary settlement in town, where 1,681 people resided at the 2010 census, is defined by the U. S. Census Bureau as the Epping census-designated place (CDP) and includes the densely-populated portion of the town centered on New Hampshire Route 27 just west of New Hampshire Route 125. The town was originally part of Exeter, one of the four original New Hampshire townships. To encourage settlement, as early as 1710 Exeter awarded free wood lots in the area. In 1741, Epping was granted a charter and incorporated as a town, the last New Hampshire town chartered by Governor Jonathan Belcher before the Province of New Hampshire was granted a governor who did not also govern the neighboring Province of Massachusetts Bay. Epping was named for Epping Forest, a suburb of London, England. Following the American Revolution, many residents of the town moved to Monmouth, Maine, when General Henry Dearborn offered free land to his soldiers. Through the 1800s, farming was a principal occupation in Epping. The town also had substantial...

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Brewitt Funeral Service
9 Pleasant St Send flowers
Epping, NH 03042

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