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Choosing the Right Crematorium
Choosing the Right Crematorium

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  • Map of Wayne Township in Passaic County


    Wayne contains: William Paterson University.


    Wayne was formed as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 12, 1847, from portions of Manchester Township. Totowa was formed from portions of Manchester and Wayne Townships on March 15, 1898. Wayne is home to Willowbrook Mall, Wayne Hills Mall, Wayne Towne Center, High Mountain Park Preserve and William Paterson University. In 1694, Arent Schuyler, a young surveyor, miner and land speculator, was sent into north-western New Jersey to investigate rumors that the French were trying to incite the local Lenni-Lenape Native American population to rebel against the English. Schuyler found no evidence of a rebellion, but discovered a rich fertile valley where the Lenni-Lenape grew a variety of crops. Schuyler reported his findings to the English and then convinced Major Anthony Brockholst, Samuel Bayard, Samuel Berry, Hendrick and David Mandeville, George Ryerson and John Mead to invest in the purchase of the land he referred to as the Pompton Valley. The seven...

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  • Alexander Noyes (drummer and  musician) was born in Wayne.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Alexander Noyes (drummer and musician), Greg Olsen (american football player), Guy Moore (film director), Daniel Toscano (actor), Hollis McCarthy (actor), Jeff Essex (actor), and Tracey Wigfield (television producer and screenwriter).

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A More Meaningful Funeral
Send flowers
Wayne, NJ 07470

Alvarez & Marchado Funeral Home
Send flowers
Wayne, NJ 07188


Moores Home for Funerals
1591 Alps Rd Send flowers
Wayne, NJ 07474


Wayne Vander May Colonial Funeral
567 Ratzer Rd Send flowers
Wayne, NJ 07474

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