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Ways to Pre-Pay for a Funeral
Ways to Pre-Pay for a Funeral

The high costs of a modern funeral, which can range anywhere from a few thousand to over ten thousand dollars, often turn the burial process into an even more complicated and heartrending affair than it already... more »


New Mexico Funeral Homes

There are currently 82 funeral home listings for the state of New Mexico. Looking for New Mexico cemeteries?

Bordered by the states of Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, New Mexico has a land area of 121, 593 square miles making I the fifth largest states of America. New Mexico, which was named in reference to the country Mexico is also called the Land of Enchantment. "Crescit Eundo"- it grows as it goes is the motto New Mexico stands for.  

New Mexicans,  earn their living with the major industries on the state like silver, potash, copper and uranium mining, natural gas and tourism. Aside from the said industries, one out of four New Mexican directly works for the Federal Government.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, the world's largest hot air balloon festival is held every month of October. This is one of the state's yearly tourist attractions. Other festivals New Mexico is famous for are Chocolate Fantasia, Carrizozo Cowboy Days, River and Brews Blues Fest and the Red River Fine Arts and Wine Festival. White Sands National Monument, another one of the attractions hat Mexico can be proud of isn't a typical desert made of sand but of white gypsum crystals.

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