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How to Pick the Right Funeral Home
How to Pick the Right Funeral Home

It doesn't matter whether you're getting ready for funeral planning, or if you're in the midst of the sudden death of a loved one picking the right funeral home can be a difficult choice. From traditional funerals that incorporate religious customs to more modern green funerals, there are many different ways to honor those who have passed, and all of them come with their own benefits and drawbacks.That's why making the right decision in planning a funeral is such an important first step. After all, finding the right location will allow you to not only respect the wishes of the... more »

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Mohawk Funeral Homes

There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Mohawk, New York. Looking for Mohawk cemeteries?

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Graves-Applegate-Day Funeral
48 E Main St Send flowers
Mohawk, NY 13407


Mohawk Cemetery Commission
28 Columbia St Send flowers
Mohawk, NY 13407