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Use the Holidays to Have those Difficult Funeral Planning Discussions
Use the Holidays to Have those Difficult Funeral Planning Discussions

There are many different ways to approach funeral pre-planning. Some people choose to include a funeral plan when they draw up their will, usually around the time that retirement and estate planning hit their peak (between the 50s and 70s). Others take out funeral insurance at the same time they buy life insurance or other long-term policies. Still others face the prospect of death only after the loss of someone close, when death and all its burdens are fresh in the mind.There is no wrong time to start funeral planning, though most financial experts recommend that you start... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Fairfield, Ohio.

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Avance Funeral Home
4976 Winton Rd Send flowers
Fairfield, OH 45014


Charles C Young Funeral Home
4032 Hamilton Cleves Rd Send flowers
Fairfield, OH 45061