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Stryker Funeral Homes

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    Stryker is also known as: Williams County / Stryker village.


    Stryker is the oldest settlement in Williams County. Named for New York lawyer and railroad capitalist John Stryker, who was the founder of the Michigan Southern Railroad Company, the town was organized on March 30, 1835 by James Guthrie, the first settler in the township and in the county. James settled there along the Tiffin River in 1827. The community continued to grow and by 1840 it was ranked as one of the leading agricultural areas in the United States. The village of Stryker was surveyed on September 19, 1853 beside the proposed Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana Railroad (now known as Conrail) by John H. Sargent, Epaphras L. Barber and Jesse McCart. The village was officially recorded in Bryan on January 15, 1854 with a legal description for 97 lots. The original streets were named Defiance, South, Church and Depot. The village was named for John Stryker, a lawyer and politician from the state of New York. According to the village's website, the first store was opened in the fall of 1853 by French immigrant Frederick (Frederic) Louys, followed quickly by a hotel...

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Grisier Funeral Homes
204 W Curtis St Send flowers
Stryker, OH 43557

Grisier Funeral Homes
204 W Curtis St Send flowers
Stryker, OH 43557

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)