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Funeral Scams to Avoid
Funeral Scams to Avoid

Although it seems unthinkable to take advantage of a grieving family to make money, scams and fraud related to the death care industry can happen. As is the case in any field where emotions are high and... more »

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Hanover Funeral Homes

There are currently 5 funeral home listings for the city of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Looking for Hanover cemeteries?

All Funeral Homes in Hanover

Kenworthy Funeral Home Incorporated
269 Frederick St Send flowers
Hanover, PA 17332


Marburg Memorial Gardens
2510 Grandview Rd Send flowers
Hanover, PA 17334


Panebaker Funeral Home
311 Broadway Send flowers
Hanover, PA 17334


Rest Haven Cemetery Company
300 Frederick St Ste 2 Send flowers
Hanover, PA 17332


Wetzel Funeral Home Incorporated
549 Carlisle St Send flowers
Hanover, PA 17331