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Funeral Customs for Fire Fighters

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    Hyndman is also known as: Bedford County / Hyndman borough.


    The first known settler in the area was Samuel Waters, who lived near Wills Creek and built a bridge across it before 1800. About 1800, Jacob Burkett and Amos Raley started a boat-building business at the settlement called Bridgeport. Boats were needed to float grain down to Cumberland, Maryland. In 1850, Enoch Cade opened a store, and in 1865 a one-room school was opened. Samuel Miller began laying out a town on his land north of the creek. In 1871 the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad first came through the town going from Cumberland, Maryland, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Bedford and Bridgeport Railroad was built from Mt. Dallas ( near Everett) to Cumberland, Maryland. In September 1877 the town was incorporated, and in December of that year the town was renamed Hyndman in honor of the B's Connellsville Division Railroad Superintendent E. K. Hyndman. The first elected officials Chief Burgess S. M. Wilhelm, and Council members J. W. Madore, W. S. Mullin, Samuel Miller, and Henry Miller. Early industries included the manufacturing of bricks and limestone. ...

    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Hyndman, Pennsylvania.

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Harvey H Zeigler Funeral Home
169 Clarence St Send flowers
Hyndman, PA 15545

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)