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Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home

720 N Lang Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Phone: (412) 243-8080
Fax: (412) 243-2614
E-mail: service@spriggsandwatson.com
Website: http://www.spriggsandwatson.com

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About Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home

Funeral Home Services. Visit our website to learn more.  We stand for professionalism, considerate discretion and personal support. Wherever your emergency, a single call to Spriggs-Watson will place your burden on dependable shoulders.

Services offered by Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home

Funeral Service in Pittsburgh PA.

In order to help you contact or if you need the address for Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home, their information is listed above. If you are interested in sending sympathy flowers to a family who has a loved one here, you can send funeral flowers to Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home now. The florists near Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home have a wonderful and diverse selection of wreaths and bouquets to help express your sympathy for the family.

Spriggs-Watson Funeral Home is located in a neighborhood known as Pgh or Pitt in the city of Pittsburgh and is 5.07 miles from downtown.

Select an urn — The urn you purchase can be delivered to the funeral home, giving you a wide range of beautiful, affordable memorial urn choices.

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