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How to Create a Memorial Garden

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La Follette Funeral Homes

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    La Follette is also known as: LaFollette, Tennessee and Campbell County / La Follette city.


    While the city's official spelling is one word ("LaFollette")— after its founders, Harvey Marion LaFollette and his younger brother Grant LaFollette— several federal agencies spell the city's name with two words ("La Follette"). Harvey and Grant LaFollette purchased 37,000 acres (150 km) at Big Creek Gap, where the present community lies, around 1890. They founded the LaFollette Coal, Iron, and Railway Company in order to exploit mineral resources they had observed. Although the business failed during the 1920s, the community continued to grow. The City of LaFollette was incorporated in 1897. LaFollette is located at 36°22′30″N 84°7′39″W / 36. 375°N 84. 1275°W / 36. 375; -84. 1275 (36. 375006, -84. 127623). The city is situated in Powell Valley, where the Appalachian Ridge-and-Valley province gives way to the Cumberland Plateau region. Cumberland Mountain, a 50-mile...

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All Funeral Homes in La Follette

Campbell Memorial Gardens
Po Box 1214 Send flowers
La Follette, TN 37766

Cross Funeral Home
300 E Central Ave Send flowers
La Follette, TN 37766


Martin Wilson Funeral Home
700 W Central Ave Send flowers
La Follette, TN 37766


Powell Valley Cemetery & Memorial
660 Davis Chapel Rd Send flowers
La Follette, TN 37766


Walters Funeral Home
509 E Central Ave Send flowers
La Follette, TN 37766

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)