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Mountain City Funeral Homes

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    Mountain City is also known as: Johnson County / Mountain City town.


    It is the northeasternmost county seat in Tennessee; Mountain City is the county seat of Johnson County. When the first Euro-American explorers arrived in what is now the Mountain City area in the late 17th-century, well-worn Native American trails passed through the area. In 1949, workers at the Maymead quarry (just south of Mountain City) discovered a cave with several early Mississippian-era (ca. 1000 A. D. ) burials inside. The Needham and Arthur expedition of 1673 is believed to have passed through the area, making use of the gap at Trade to the south. Explorer Daniel Boone made use of the same gap on an expedition to what is now Kentucky in 1769, and today part of the Daniel Boone Heritage Trail— which follows Boone's route— passes through Mountain City. The first permanent Euro-American settlers arrived in the Mountain City area in the late 18th-century, among them Leonard Shoun and Revolutionary War veteran Alexander Doran. The area was initially part of Carter County, but the difficulty of reaching Elizabethton (the county seat) led to the creation of Johnson...

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    Some of the notable people born here have been: Jeff Reynolds (coach), and J. Ronnie Greer (judge).

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All Funeral Homes in Mountain City

Henson Funeral Home Incorporated
1141 Cold Springs Rd Send flowers
Mountain City, TN 37683

Hux-Lipford Funeral Home
300 Main St Send flowers
Mountain City, TN 37683


Mountain City Funeral Home
224 S Church St Send flowers
Mountain City, TN 37683

Mountain City Funeral Home
Dillon Rd Send flowers
Mountain City, TN 37683

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)