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Cremation and Burial Alternatives
Cremation and Burial Alternatives

In the past, funeral planning was simple and straightforward. You bought a burial plot, a casket, and said your goodbyes. Choice was limited, and you often ended up with the same casket or headstone the rest of the family had. In more recent decades, the popularity of cremation meant that families hoping to cut back on expenses or simplify the process had additional options.These days, funerals are as unique and personalized as our loved ones, and we arent restricted to burial or cremation. Although these cremation alternatives havent yet caught on as mainstream body disposal... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Goliad, Texas.

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Colonial Funeral Home
214 N Market St Send flowers
Goliad, TX 77963


Goliad Funeral Home
414 West Ward Send flowers
Goliad, TX 77963