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Should I Hire a Funeral Planner?
Should I Hire a Funeral Planner?

If you're like most people, funeral planning is not something you've ever had to do before. Unless the deceased took the steps necessary to pre-plan the entire funeral, chances are you will need to make decisions and coordinate services over a span of one or two daysand all while reeling from the emotional impact that death has on us all.Most funeral homes and funeral directors are in business to provide the support you need to get all the funeral plans made. From choosing a casket to placing an obituary in the newspaper, these professionals will guide you through the process so... more »

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There are currently 4 funeral home listings for the city of Irving, Texas. Looking for Irving cemeteries?

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In 1903 J.O. Shultze and Otis brown established Irving. It is thought that Irving was named after Washington Irving, the author admired by Netta Barcus Brown who was Otis's wife.

Irving has grown remarkably fast and by 2010 had a population of 216,290. It is the home of Las Colinas, one of the first developments that were master-planned in the nation.

All Funeral Homes in Irving

Ben F Brown's Memorial Funeral
707 N Macarthur Blvd Send flowers
Irving, TX 75061


Calvary Funeral Home
624 E 2nd St Send flowers
Irving, TX 75060

Chism-Smith Funeral Home
129 S O Connor Rd Send flowers
Irving, TX 75060


Donnelly's Colonial Funeral Home
606 W Airport Fwy Send flowers
Irving, TX 75062