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Appropriate Attire to Wear to a Funeral

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Port Neches Funeral Homes

  • Location of Port Neches, Texas


    Port Neches is also known as: Jefferson County / Port Neches city.


    The area known as Port Neches was once inhabited by tribes of the coastal-dwelling Karankawa and Atakapa Indians. Smith’s Bluff (the future site of Sun Oil and Union Oil of California riverside property) and Grigsby’s Bluff (now Port Neches) were the only two high land bluffs on the Neches River south of Beaumont. Before 1780, Grigsby’s Bluff, explicitly that part of Port Neches immediately east of Port Neches Park, had been an Indian town for at least 1,500 years, at first of the Karankawa tribe, whose 7-foot skeletons were often found in the burial mounds there; and after 1650 of the Nacazils, a sub-tribe of the Attakapas, who were a short and stocky people before their extinction about 1780. As of 1841, there were six large burial mounds at Grigsby’s Bluff, size about 60 feet wide, 20 feet tall, and 100 yards long, consisting entirely of clam and sea shells, skeletons, pottery shards, and other Indian artifacts. Between 1841 and 1901, all six of the mounds disappeared, a result of human actions. ...

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  • Lew Ford (baseball player) was born in Port Neches.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Lew Ford (baseball player), and Angela Dodson (actor).

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Oak Bluff Memorial Park
101 Block St Send flowers
Port Neches, TX 77651


Port Neches Funeral Home
2001 Nall St Send flowers
Port Neches, TX 77651

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