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  • Skyline of San Angelo, Texas, USA


    San Angelo is also known as: Tom Green County / San Angelo city.

    San Angelo contains: Foster Field, Fort Concho, LeGrand Sports Complex, Foster Communications Coliseum, and Angelo State University College of Nursing and Allied Health.

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  • Jevan Snead (american football player) was born in San Angelo.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Jevan Snead (american football player), Paula DeAnda (singer and actor), Greg Maddux (baseball player), Michael-Ryan Fletchall (film producer and television producer), Steve Kemp (baseball player), Turk Pipkin (actor and author), and Chet Fillip (race car driver).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Ram Page.

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    San Angelo ( /sæn ˈændʒəloʊ/) is a city in the state of Texas and the . The San Angelo metropolitan area had a population of 111,823. San Angelo is home to Angelo State University, historic Fort Concho, and Goodfellow Air Force Base. Some common nicknames of San Angelo include Angelo, the River City, the Concho City, the Pearl of the Conchos, and the Oasis of West Texas. Prior to the coming of Europeans, San Angelo was the center of the Jumano people. The area had been inhabited for thousands of years by succeeding cultures of indigenous peoples. In 1632, a short-lived mission of Franciscans under Spanish auspices was founded in the area to serve the Indians. The current city of San Angelo was founded by European Americans in 1867, when the United States constructed Fort Concho as one of a series of new forts designed to protect the frontier from hostile threats. The fort was home to cavalry, infantry, and the famous Black Cavalry, otherwise known as Buffalo Soldiers by Native Americans. The settler Bartholomew J. DeWitt founded...

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All Funeral Homes in San Angelo

Ac Memorials
226 S Abe St Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76906


Belvedere Cemetery
3405 Arden Rd Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76901


Fairmount Cemetery
1120 W Avenue N Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76909


Gutierrez Funeral Chapels
1102 Knickerbocker Rd Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903

Gutierrez Funeral Chapels
1002 N Oakes St Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903


Johnsons Funeral Home
435 W Beauregard Ave Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903


Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens
4989 Fm 1223 Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76902


National Memorial Planning
4002 N Chadbourne St Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903


Preddy Funeral Home
502 E 9th St Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903


Robert Massie Funeral Home
402 Rio Concho Dr Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903


Shaffer Funeral Home
8009 Us Highway 87 N Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76901

Starks Funeral Home
122 W 14th St Send flowers
San Angelo, TX 76903

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