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    The town was founded in 1876 as Seago by T. K. Seago (1836–1904). The United States Post Office changed the town's name to "Seagoville" in 1910 to prevent confusion with another city in Texas called Sego. Seagoville is fast growing and improving in economic development. Plans are in place to rebuild downtown Seagoville into a new retail area. The surrounding areas had been approved for substantial property upgrades. This project is entitled Town Center. This project was approved as a go-ahead by the Planning and Zoning Committee on December 13, 2007. During World War II, Seagoville was the site of a United States Immigration and Naturalization Service detention camp for people of Japanese, German and Italian descent who were classified as "enemy aliens". Seagoville is located at 32°39′7″N 96°33′0″W / 32. 65194°N 96. 55°W / 32. 65194; -96. 55 (32. 651920, -96. 550033). According to...

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Clayton Anderson Brothers Funeral
202 Bois D Arc Rd Send flowers
Seagoville, TX 75159


Roselawn Funeral Home & Memorial
1000 S Highway 175 Send flowers
Seagoville, TX 75159

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