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Cemetery Etiquette: How to Be Respectful when Touring a Cemetery
Cemetery Etiquette: How to Be Respectful when Touring a Cemetery

Visiting a cemetery is something that almost everyone does at some point in their life. Whether its a trip to a local cemetery to say goodbye to a loved one, a stop at a famous cemetery as part of a grief... more »


West Virginia Funeral Homes

There are currently 411 funeral home listings for the state of West Virginia. Looking for West Virginia cemeteries?

Virginia got its name from England's Queen Elizabeth I who was known as Virgin Queen. It was in West Virginia that the very first woman prison was built and started operation on 1926. It is also in the same state where the longest arch bridge made of steel is located. The New River Gorge Bridge stands 1,400 feet. Yearly, the bridge is closed for people who wanted to do parachuting and bungee jumping. This is done in the month of October. It is only done in one day and draws around 100,000 visitors yearly.

West Virginia is also a home of several famous West Virginians. Morgan Morgan was the very first white person who settled in West Virginia and built a log cabin near the Bunker Hill area. Thomas Jackson was a Confederate General who had won the First Battle of Bull Run in the the Civil War though had been accidentally killed by one of of his men. Daniel Boone was an explorer who lived in the region which is now called the Charleston. He was the one responsible for opening the west to the other people by building  a road towards Appalachian Mountains.

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