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Buswell Funeral Home

106 S 2nd St
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Phone: (715) 284-2231
Website: http://buswellfuneralhome.com/

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About Buswell Funeral Home

Buswell Funeral Home has been in business for over 60 years, and the family has passed the same quality, caring service from generation to generation.Over the years we have been able to assist thousands of families through the very emotional time following the death of their loved one.

Services offered by Buswell Funeral Home

Arrange Service
Contact Clergy to officiate
Prepare obituary and submit to
Contact Cemetery
Contact Social Security Administration
Arrange for music. Order death certificate.Assist with lodging arrangements for people coming to the service from out of town.Arrange for honor guard, if deceased is a veteran

In order to help you contact or if you need the address for Buswell Funeral Home, their information is listed above. If you are interested in sending sympathy flowers to a family who has a loved one here, you can send funeral flowers to Buswell Funeral Home now. The florists near Buswell Funeral Home have a wonderful and diverse selection of wreaths and bouquets to help express your sympathy for the family.

Buswell Funeral Home is located in a neighborhood known as Blk Riv Falls in the city of Black River Falls and is 0.28 miles from downtown.

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