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    Waupun contains: Waupun Correctional Institution.


    Waupun also has the most outdoor public sculpture per capita of any city in North America. This includes the world famous "End of the Trail" statue, The Dawn of Day, the Who Sows Believes in God, the Pioneers, and The Recording Angel among others. These statues are in Waupun because of the donation of Clarence Addison Shaler. Mr. Shaler is buried by his wife in Waupun's Forest Mound Cemetery. Waupun comes for the Indian name of "Waubun" which means "dawn of day. " In fact Waupun was originally supposed to be named "Waubun" but the State of Wisconsin made a spelling error, and Waupun never bothered to change it. Waupun was founded in 1839 by Seymour Wilcox, the first settler along the Rock River in what was then deciduous forested land. The Territorial Census in 1847 showed Waupun Township to have a population of 956. In 1851, the city was chosen for the State Penitentiary, owing to the abundance of limestone for construction. The main building, constructed...

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Kohls Community Funeral Home
405 W Main St Send flowers
Waupun, WI 53963


Werner-Harmsen Funeral Home
201 E Jefferson St Send flowers
Waupun, WI 53963