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Does a Funeral Have to Include a Viewing of the Body?

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Batesville Funeral Homes

  • Batesville


    Batesville is also known as: Independence County / Batesville city.

    Batesville contains: Garrott House and Morrow Hall.

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  • Mark Martin (race car driver) was born in Batesville.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Mark Martin (race car driver), Ryan Mallett (american football player), Charlie Strong (coach and american football coach), and Cherlyn Schaefer (actor and costumer).

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  • History

    Batesville is the second oldest municipality in the state of Arkansas, after Georgetown. It was named for James Woodson Bates who settled in the town and was the first territorial delegate from Arkansas to the Congress of the United States. The town has also gone by the names of Napoleon and Polk Bayou. In early days, Batesville was an important port on the White River and served as an entry point to the interior of northern Arkansas. Batesville played a large role in the settling of the Ozark Mountains region and served as the central land office for northern Arkansas. The first known settlement of the Batesville area was in 1810 near the mouth of Polk Bayou, and by 1819 the town had a ferry across the White River and about a dozen houses. The town was partially laid out in early 1821, and on March 3, 1822 a bill of assurrance was recorded...

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All Funeral Homes in Batesville

Cemetery Maintenance Shop
1575 Grays Ave Send flowers
Batesville, AR 72501


Qualls Batesville Funeral Service
546 Harrison St Send flowers
Batesville, AR 72501


Roller Crouch Funeral Home Incorporated
510 E College St Send flowers
Batesville, AR 72501


Willis-Hays Funeral Service
3513 Harrison St Send flowers
Batesville, AR 72501