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Pros and Cons of Embalming
Pros and Cons of Embalming

One of the important funeral planning questions everyone must consider when choosing burial is whether or not to have the deceased embalmed. There are strong camps both in favor of and against embalming, and... more »


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There are currently 461 funeral home listings for the state of Arkansas. Looking for Arkansas cemeteries?

Arkansas is nicknamed the "Land of Opportunity." The famous Mississippi River borders the state on the east. Some claim that it received its name from a French word 'Arkansa', which means 'downriver' people, while the others believes that it is from the Quapaw Indians. The state is has been home to many famous people. Some on the list are US President Bill Clinton, US Senator James Fulbright; actor Billy Bob Thornton; singer Johnny Cash; and legendary college football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. There are 47 hot springs in Arkansas. It flows from Hot Spring's mountain's southwestern slope. It has an average temperature of 143 degrees in Fahrenheit. Wal-Mart stores' head quarters is situated in Bentonville. There is just one diamond mine in the planet (and it is located in the state) that is open to the public, the Murfreesboro.

There are also amazing and intriguing, sometimes stupid laws in this state. For example, it is illegal to mispronounce Arkansas while you are in the state. It should be pronounced 'Arkansaw'. In Arkansas, voters are given only five minutes to mark their ballots. Also,  a man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month.

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