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Notifying Family Members of a Recent Passing
Notifying Family Members of a Recent Passing

One of the most often overlooked steps in funeral planning is communicating the passing of a loved one to others. While an obituary will do a good job of notifying the general community of the death, including... more »

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Rogers Funeral Homes

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    Rogers is also known as: Benton County / Rogers city.

    Rogers contains: Lake Atalanta.

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  • Sarah Austin (journalist) was born in Rogers.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Sarah Austin (journalist).

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    One of Roger's unique destinations is the Daisy Airgun Museum. Daisy is a lead producer of airguns, with a long rich history of more than 125 years in the business. In 2000 it opened a museum in a historic Rogers building dating back to 1896, which was originally the old Rexal Drug Store and Soda Fountain. Tourists and residents alike visit the museum to catch a glimpse of historic airguns.

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All Funeral Homes in Rogers

Benton County Funeral Home
306 N 4th St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72756

Benton County Memorial Park
3800 W Walnut St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72716

Burns Funeral Homes
306 N 4th St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72757


Callison-Lough Funeral Home
408 W Walnut St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72756

City Cemetery
510 S 10th St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72758


Rollins Funeral Home
1401 W Hudson Rd Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72757


Stockdale Funeral Service
2898 W Walnut St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72716

Stockdare Funeral Services
2998 W Walnut St Send flowers
Rogers, AR 72716