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Funeral Customs for Fire Fighters
Funeral Customs for Fire Fighters

Whenever someone dies in the line of dutywhether its a soldier, police officer, or fire fighterfuneral planning becomes more important than ever before. Thats because the deceased is more than just a beloved son or daughter, mother or father. He or she is a hero, and thats someone that entire communities want to band together to commemorate.In almost all cases, there are protocols in place regarding funeral planning for a fallen hero. The International Association of Fire Fighters oversees the process of line-of-duty deaths for fire fighters, including how to plan a... more »

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There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Lincoln, California. Looking for Lincoln cemeteries?

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Lincoln Cemetery
1445 1st St Send flowers
Lincoln, CA 95648

Lincoln Funeral Home
406 H St Send flowers
Lincoln, CA 95648