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Funeral Costs: a Detailed Price Breakdown
Funeral Costs: a Detailed Price Breakdown

The average funeral costs between $8,000 and $12,000, including everything from casket and embalming to a burial plot and a memorial service. However, not all of this money goes to one place. Each component... more »

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    Santa Maria is also known as: Santa Barbara County / Santa Maria city.


    It is approximately 120 miles northwest of the Los Angeles City limits (Woodland Hills), and approximately 150 miles northwest of Downtown Los Angeles. The Santa Maria Valley, stretching from the Santa Lucia Mountains toward the Pacific Ocean, was the homeland of the Chumash people for thousands of years. These Native Americans made their homes on the slopes of the surrounding hills among the oaks, the banks of the Santa Maria River among the sycamores, and along the beach areas. They had plank-built boats, called Tomol, for ocean fishing. In the 1800s, when California gained statehood (in 1850), the rich soil drew farmers and other settlers, and the Santa Maria River Valley became one of the most productive agricultural areas in the...

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  • David G. Armstrong (researcher and  physician) was born in Santa Maria.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: David G. Armstrong (researcher and physician), Blaine Johnson (race car driver), Mark Velasquez (chef), Lawrence Wilson (american football player), Robin Ventura (baseball player), John Schwartz (computer scientist), and Abel Maldonado (politician and farmer).

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All Funeral Homes in Santa Maria

Dudley-Hoffman Crematory
1003 E Stowell Rd Send flowers
Santa Maria, CA 93458


Magner-Maloney Funeral Home
600 E Stowell Rd Send flowers
Santa Maria, CA 93458

Moreno Mortuary
214 N Lincoln St Send flowers
Santa Maria, CA 93458


Santa Maria Cemetery
1501 S College Dr Send flowers
Santa Maria, CA 93458