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Funeral Photography
Funeral Photography

One increasingly common trend that we're seeing in funeral planning today is the presence of a funeral photographer at the services. As the name suggests, this professional is on hand to take pictures of a memorial ceremony, the sprays of funeral flowers, the guests, and, in some rarer cases, the coffin or deceased.While some people consider this practice macabre, funeral photography has actually been around for centuries. And as a recent photograph at the funeral of fallen Navy S.E.A.L Jon Tumilson (with his grieving pet Lab) proves, pictures can be a powerful way to capture the... more »

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Soledad Funeral Homes

There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Soledad, California. Looking for Soledad cemeteries?

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Soledad Cemetery District
1711 Metz Rd Send flowers
Soledad, CA 93960


Terry Whitehurst Funeral Service
395 East St Send flowers
Soledad, CA 93960


Woodyard Funeral Home
395 East St. Send flowers
Soledad, CA 93960