History and Cemeteries in Sacramento, CA

History and Cemeteries in Sacramento, CASacramento funeral homes do their best to provide a range of burial options for today’s families. The city is known as a place that combines old and young, past and present. The old parts can be found in the history of the city’s (and state’s) foundation, and in the government buildings that have been here for decades. The young parts can be found in the vibrant, eco-friendly population that makes the most out of the beautiful California backdrop.

That’s why so many of the funeral services you find here are the same: a combination of new and old. You’ll find up-to-date features like cremation, green funerals, and pre-pay funeral packages as well as an old-fashioned reverence and attention to detail that helps you move through the difficult decisions.

The funeral homes in Sacramento range from religious-affiliated organizations to private facilities and more, and the choice is yours when it comes to planning a funeral. The cemeteries here are just as varied, with options in modern spaces or age-old family plots.

Sacramento cemeteries are also worth a look if you’re interested in exploring the past or in the beauty and ambiance of this historic city.

Sacramento City Cemetery

History and Cemeteries in Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento City Cemetery (also known as Old City Cemetery) is the oldest cemetery in the city and a great point of historic interest. Built in 1849 in the grand Victorian tradition, much of the original charm of the cemetery is still evident even today. A beautiful cemetery garden, terrace walks, and award-winning roses set the tone for a calm and serene walk back in time.

The cemetery originally covered 10 acres, but was expanded not too long after it opened to help hold the relocated remains of those buried in mass graves during the 1850 cholera epidemic. Today, there are a total of 44 acres of land, which is owned by the city and maintained through various preservation committees. Although the cemetery is not open to Sacramento funerals today, it is a great place to visit. If you’re interested in local or war history, you’ll also find a large number of politicians and war heroes
buried here.

These include:

• U.S. Congressmen Marion Biggs (1828-1910), John Burch (1826-1885), Thomas Clunie (1852-1903), and Grove Johnson (1841-1926)
• California Governors John Bigler (1806-1871), Newton Booth (1825-1892), and William Irwin(1827-1886)
• American folk figure James Butler (1855-1923)
• Western pioneers Amos Catlin (1823-1900) and John Sutter (1826-1897)
• Confederate Brigadier General George Cosby (1830-1909)
• Union Brigadier Generals George Wright (1801-1865) and Thomas Wright (d. 1873)
• Civil War Medal of Honor recipients Newton Gould (1842-1925) and Lebbeus Simkins (d.1884)
• Railroad tycoon Mark Hopkins (1813-1878)

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Whether you’re visiting the city and want to tour the sites, or if you’re planning a Sacramento funeral for a loved one, all the information you need is available right here. Most of the Sacramento funeral homes you’ll find are happy to take calls and answer your questions. Saying goodbye to loved ones and embracing the past are both important parts of the human experience, and although it’s not always easy, there are resources to help.

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