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Cremation as a “Green” Alternative
Cremation as a “Green” Alternative

With all of the environmentally conscious ideas weve incorporated in our lives, its no wonder that our funeral planning is coming under scrutiny as well. With fewer resources consumed, funeral planning... more »


Connecticut Funeral Homes

There are currently 444 funeral home listings for the state of Connecticut. Looking for Connecticut cemeteries?

Connecticut became the 5th state of the United States of America when it entered the union on January 9, 1788. The origin of its name came from the Mohegan Indian word "Quinnehtukqut" which means "beside the long tidal river." It has "Qui transtulit sustinet" translated as "He who transplanted still sustains." One amazing fact about this state is that the US constitution was formulated after Connecticut's colonial laws. This is why it has been officially nicknamed the "Constitution State".

Connecticut may be the third smallest state in the US but it is one of the most industrialized states in the nation that it's being referred to as the "Arsenal of the Nation." It played a major role in the Revolutionary War as it functioned as the Continental's Army's supplier of war crafts. Today it still produces helicopters, jet aircraft engines, submarines and the like.

The state has lots of historic landmarks and attractions. It is the home of the third oldest university in the US, which is the Yale University. It is founded in 1970. Yale's Peabody museum has world-renowned natural word exhibits. The Yale's University Art Gallery is the nation's oldest art museum in a university. PT Barnum and Winchester Gun are among the other notable fine arts museum. Hartford is the capital of the state but there are also large cities within Connecticut. Among these are Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, Stamford and others. Hartford Courant, built in 1764, is the oldest US newspaper that still runs today. Some of the famous Connecticuters are the lexicographer Noah Webster, authors Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe, and actress Kataharine Hepburn.

Connecticut funeral homes have changed drastically over time. They now customize their services and don't just limit it to the conventional aspects. They now process all the necessary paperwork that need to be filed such as permits, arrangements with the chosen cemetery, filling out obituary information, and getting it to the needed news media. Connecticut funeral homes can provide a detailed resource to ensure that all the administrative requirements are fulfilled so everything will run smoothly.  

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